Plumber Insurance: General Liability Insurance

What is Plumber Insurance?

Plumbers Insurance is a type of General Liability Insurance that protects plumbing businesses against common risks like property damages and injuries. Especially as a plumber, you play a vital role in society. No matter what time of day, you can be called upon to bring fresh water into buildings. Also, you ensure that drains are working correctly. Although you operate your business as safely as possible, accidents do happen. On top of that, your plumbing business also faces many of the same risks other small business owners face. Liabilities are the most common risk that can cause a company itself. Plumbers Insurance gives protection against a wide variety of risks routinely faced by plumbers and plumbing contractors. Therefore, having the right business insurance coverage is an important way to ensure that your business continues to grow smoothly.

Plumber Insurance

Why is it important to Have General Liability Insurance for Plumbers?

In today’s competitive environment, most contractors may face numerous potential risks. Most customers nowadays expect greater than ever, and they’re prompt to file lawsuits for any negligence of service. Moreover, simple complaints may turn to legal disputes that can destroy or ruin your business reputation.
Today’s competitive industry-standard arises to all contractors’ work, which leads them to more costly errors. Plumbers are highly skilled individuals who often face high risks while performing sanitation standards. That’s why adequate protection is essential since one small mistake or accident could result in damages. That drains a small business’s finances beyond recovery.
Protect yourself with Commercial Business Insurance that is tailored to meet your growing plumbing business. Give Contractor General Liability Insurance a call, and we will help you find the most competitive insurance carrier.

Plumbers Insurance Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Generally speaking, Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for Plumber Insurance gets the following coverages in one policy. Depending on your plumbing business needs, you may consider these options.
Commercial General Liability Insurance is one of the best coverage that you may purchase. It covers the physical location of your plumbing business and its equipment. Regardless if you own or lease your business’ property. Choosing the best fit for your needs can be tricky and confusing.

Therefore you must contact an expert to further understand the coverage that you need for your business risk. Contractor General Liability Insurance is a team of experts that can help you get personalized coverage through one of our providers.
It can help you recover lost income if you can’t run your business because of covered damage like a fire. Moreover, it can help you if you need temporary relocation. Larger companies purchased business income insurance because they cater to service across countries.

For example, your main location is California, and a fire tears down your headquarters in New York. Business income insurance can protect your revenue.
Hired and non-owned coverage protects you if a borrowed car is in an accident while you’re using it for business. If your company owns a vehicle, then it will be part of commercial auto insurance. However, if your employee uses his/her own car for business purposes, then you need this coverage.

Furthermore, the cost of Hired & non-owned auto insurance varies in many factors. First, types of hired/ non-owned cars used in the business. Second, the number of employees uses the hired/ non-owned vehicle. Third, employees driving records, Lastly, frequency usage of the vehicle.
Plumber Insurance
Additional Coverage for Plumbing Contractors
There are more stand-alone policies that you may need to consider for your plumbing business. Give us a call and talk to our insurance experts regarding your risk and determine what best fits your business.
Workers Compensation Insurance
While BOP has General Liability Insurance for bodily injury, it does not necessarily mean that it can cover your employees. If you have employees, you must get Workers’ Compensation coverage, which covers medical costs. Also, it gives a portion of lost wages for employees who become ill or injured at work.In most states, if you have three or more employees, you need to have worker’s compensation insurance. If your business doesn’t have workers comp, you might violate your state law. The best way is to check your law to determine what kind of coverage you must purchase.
Commercial Auto Insurance
Whenever you use a car for business purposes, your liability risk increases. For example, if you use vehicles to travel to job sites or transport supplies, you must carry commercial coverage. Standard auto policies generally have coverage limitations or exclusions for vehicles used for work purposes. But, Contractor General Liability Insurance can help you get connected with the best insurance companies. Rest assured that you can get the best Commercial Auto Insurance for your business. Always stay protected on the road with comprehensive Commercial Auto Insurance in California.
Overall, General Liability Insurance can be confusing, but it’s important to have enough insurance to protect your business and employees. Most insurance companies build a policy that fits the unique needs of their clients. As a business owner, you must be knowledgeable, don’t be shy to ask a question about your coverage. It is wiser that you have enough knowledge about what coverage you should purchase. Because some insurers purchase insurance without knowing the coverage they need, that’s why their premium increases.
If you’re looking for the best insurance carriers for your plumber business in California, contact Contractor General Liability Insurance. Rest Assured that you can get the best insurance policy at the best price. Worry no more; our professional insurance agent got you covered. Let Contractor General Liability Insurance help you choose the best policy for your plumber’s needs; contact us at 844 234-5600.
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