Lawn Care Insurance for Lawn Care Business Owners

What is Lawn Care Insurance?

Lawn Care Insurance protects your business from unfortunate events that can happen while you are on your lawn mowing services. There are significant risks each time you take on a new job. Damaged customers’ property, stolen equipment, and injuries to customers are only a few examples of the risks.
Almost all lawn care and landscaping companies buy Lawn Care Policy. This is because lawn care insurance can cover massive damages that can come up from accidents. It can cover the medical expenses of the injuries of customers. If the lawn care owner gets sued, this program will pay for legal costs or damaged property repairs. Lawn care insurance is an essential part of having a lawn care business. It provides coverage that can save you from financial headaches when accidents happen. Contact us so our insurance agents can help you know more about insurance privileges.
Lawn Care Insurance

Lawn Care Insurance Coverage Cost

Regardless of which coverage you determine is right for your business, try not to save just to minimize premium costs. Purchase the one that provides the best coverage, so you don’t end up paying for accidental damages out of pocket.
Consider a replacement-value option when buying Commercial Property Insurance. Replacement-value covers the replacements of a stolen, 3-year-old lawnmower with a brand new equivalent. Cash-value plans only reimburse you for the existing value of the lawnmower. As a result, it forces you to cover the extra expense of replacing it with a new model.
Similarly, lower rates can entice you to buy Lawn Care Policy with a high deductible. But remember, a low deductible will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses if you lose an expensive piece of gear.

Lawn Care Insurance Coverage

It offers money-saving policies that can protect your business. Medical expenses, legal fees, repairs, and replacements can be quite expensive. Without coverage, you can get into devastating financial losses when the unpredictable happens. To avoid that from happening, here are some of the coverages you can obtain to protect your finances.
General Liability Insurance

Insurance for lawn care begins with General Liability. If you harm a customer’s property when mowing their lawn, General Liability Insurance will protect you. Likewise, General liability can save you from costly legal fees when the person injured files a case against you.

Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial Property Insurance reimburses you, regardless of whether you store your business properties at home or in an office. Moreover, Commercial Property helps you replace or repair the stolen or damaged properties you use for your company. It also provides protection for the contractors’ instruments and supplies, including the ones in transit.
Company Owner's Policy

This policy ties General Liability and Commercial Property insurance. You buy them at a smaller premium than if you pay them separately. Company Owners’ Policy covers both the liabilities and properties of your business. Insurance companies first check your salary, number of employees, and risk level before selling you a company owner’s policy.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Most states require the Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Worker’s Compensation covers any job-related accidents or illnesses if you or one of your employees encounter them.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Owners of lawn care companies frequently travel from work to work. Personal Auto Insurance can not cover damages from an accident that occurs when you or an employee drives to work. To cover yourself, if you don’t have dedicated business cars, consider Commercial Car Insurance and Employed or Non-Owned Insurance.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability coverage does not extend to all lawn care and landscaping firms. But in the case of a data breach and other cyber attacks that expose consumer details, Cyber Liability insurance can safeguard your business.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance expands your General Liability and Commercial Auto coverage. If a claim reaches the limits of that coverage, you can get umbrella insurance for backup.

Overall, no matter how much experience you have in the landscaping industry or how cautious you are, accidents will happen. From General Liability to Cyber Liability Insurance, this coverage can ensure your business from unfortunate events. Lawn Care Insurance can help you save from spending big chunks of money out of pocket. To protect your business, give priority to researching and buying the right lawn care insurance. Get a Lawn Care Insurance Quote Today!
Assess business risks when buying lawn care insurance. Most importantly, give importance to coverage quality over cost and read the policy’s fine print. If you’re ready, you can call one of our best insurance agents. They can help you pick the right coverage that best accommodates your lawn care business. Contact Us.
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