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As a specialized contractor, identifying the appropriate insurance would be a hassle. Without the proper insurance, contractors are in the risk of losing their actual business. In many states, the law states that contractors are to be held responsible for damages, physically and event financially. On the brighter side, having a constructors insurance would add value and credibility to your profession. If a customer would ever see that the contractor has an Insurance coverage, customer would take you more seriously.
Contractor’s insurance enables you to focus on your work without distractions. Whether you’re installing a light, fixing a broken drain, or renovating a kitchen, you take your work seriously and give it your all. You make sure that each customer get the results that they are expecting a professional should provide. With a professional image, one thing that could help boost your credibility would be having a general liability insurance. A contractor’s liability insurance enables you to thrive, raising awareness to your customers that you have coverage on every job. In addition, your customers will trust you to care for what they value.

What's Your Profession

Why Do Contractors Need Insurance​

Maybe required by law

Regulations may differ from one place to another. Depending on where your work, and on what you do, General Liability Insurance may be required by law as a minimum insurance coverage for businesses.

Help in the impact of Business

As a contractor, having a General Liability Insurance boosts your professionalism in the eyes of the customers. Insurance for self-employed contractors proves your worth to your customers by not just through your expertise on the job, but you'll be able to take care of them even in the unlikely of cases

Adds Protection

Having a General Liability Insurance could offer business additional protection during an avoidable accident. With the right insurance, you can focus on there job without worrying about something that might go wrong.

Our Approach: A Single Contractor’s Insurance Policy

Being a contractor can be quite a handful. With the projects you have on hand, having time to deal with your insurance would be time costly. That is why, Contractor General Liability Insurance will help you figuring out the best insurance for you.

We know time and money are limited, but your need for a solid insurance coverage isn’t. And that is why Contractor General Liability Insurance is here to offer you a policy that is simple, affordable and customized according to your needs.
General Liability Insurance for Contractor

What If I Do Multiple Professions? Handyman and Plumber, Electrician and Painter?

Doing multiple professions is not a problem for getting your customized contractor insurance. If you do different professions, you just have to indicate what are the professions you are currently in hold of. Doing different professions can be a handful and beneficial for a business. We won’t constrict you on just having one insurance. Here at Contractor General Liability Insurance, we want you to succeed with your profession.

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