General Liability Insurance Blog

As a subcontractor, General Liability Insurance is one of the best policies you can carry while you work. Having insurance can be an effective tool to appeal to your employers. Although state law does not require it, employers would most probably include insurance as one of their requirements
Small Business; are you about to start one on your own, or did you already start? If yes, you probably want to secure your Small Business from liability. Also, to prepare for unfortunate events that you do not expect to happen, that can be uncertain.
Are you a contractor, tradesman, or subcontractor looking for General Liability Insurance? If yes, you’re looking at the right website. We are going to talk about the comprehensive coverages of General Liability Insurance.
Artisan Contractors, namely special trade contractors, are organizations or individuals that handle special projects. Also, they mandate a specific well-developing skill set. In detail, some examples of Artisan Contractors are electricians, roofers, framers, plumbers, and masons. Sometimes as subcontractors, artisan Contractors handle several stages of a bigger project for general contractors to deliver an entire project.