Insurance for Masonry

Mason Contractor Insurance in California

If you’re an independent mason contractor or a business owner in the contracting field, it’s important to protect your finances by acquiring Mason Contractor Insurance. Bricklaying, stone contracting, cleaning and caulking, and stucco contracting are some examples of masonry jobs. Bearing that in mind, masonry is a strenuous job bound with high potential risks.

Safety while working on a construction site is important. Accidents that can happen in masonry can have gruesome effects. As a result, your business can pay for extensive financial expenses out of pocket.

Therefore, to protect yourself or your business from financial burdens, Mason Contractor Insurance is the one you need. It protects masons and bricklayer workers from paying medical and liability costs of damages from accidents on site. It also secures your business property in case a disastrous event damages your office building or main office.

Why Is Mason Contractor Insurance Important?

Masonry is a high-risk job that can bring business financial losses if it is not properly insured. This job requires extra work that involves heavy lifting of materials, which may cause injury to your employee or another person. In Addition, Mason Contractor Insurance covers funeral expenses in case the accident causes death. It is essential to carry Mason Contractor Insurance because it will help lessen the damage costs that can emerge while at work. Moreover, it protects the business from different kinds of liability lawsuits

As a mason business owner, it can be troublesome if your business operation causes a disaster. You could get out of business because of costly compensations for the casualties. Therefore, it is just wise to secure your business by purchasing your Mason Contractor Insurance. You can contact us if you want to know more about the benefits of having Mason Contractor Insurance. You can talk to our friendly agents who can assist you right away with your needs. Contact Us Now.

Are Mason Contractors Required to have Insurance?

Most states require Masonry Contractors Insurance. Before starting your business plan, some types of General Liability coverage are mandatory. As a matter of fact, Masonry Insurance is a specially designed type of General Contractors’ Insurance. As it is known, General Contractors are required to have General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance. Thus, you must acquire general liability coverages to comply with the state’s requirement. If you want to know the specific state laws that require contractors’ insurance, you can contact us, and our insurance agents will help you understand it.

Mason Contractor Insurance Cost

Different factors affect your Mason Contractor Insurance costs. Generally, it depends on the details of your business. Insurance companies calculate your insurance costs by determining the following factors:

  • Business Age
  • Company’s Accident Record
  • Credit History
  • Number of Employees


If you’re an independent contractor, your policy rates differ from those who own business insurance. For more details about how to calculate your policy costs, Get a Mason Insurance Quote Now.

Types of Insurance that Mason Contractors Need

Mason Contractor activities are generally risky. Like other contracting businesses, it needs various coverages to ensure that each operation is covered. To enumerate, below are the different types of insurance that mason contractors need:

If you own a masonry business, Commercial General Liability Insurance can be vital in securing your business assets. Supposing your operation causes injuries or damages to clients, and your business is accountable for paying recovery costs. To avoid paying expensive medical fees or replacement costs, you may want to obtain Commercial General Liability Insurance. It provides the following types of coverage:

  • Property damages to customers
  • Libel and slander
  • Products and Completed Operations

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance covers automobile damages if you own vehicles for your business operations. Usually, it pays for your vehicle’s repairs and replacements when it encounters theft, vandalism, and natural hazards. If you or your employee has an accident on the road, Commercial Auto coverage can provide financial assistance for the medical fees of bodily injuries. Moreover, it helps you pay legal fees in the case of third party claims.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Most states require businesses that have employees to apply for Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Workers’ Comp Insurance covers medical fees and lost wages of employees who obtained illnesses or injuries from business operations. It also includes payments for emergency room and physical rehabilitation costs. Furthermore, Workers Comp provides legal assistance in case an employee sues you over an injury.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Tools and Equipment Masonry Insurance covers contractors’ tools and equipment. It helps pay for replacements or repairs when your tools get lost or damaged. It protects small tools such as saws, hammers, and wrenches. Moreover, it provides coverage for mobile and heavy equipment such as excavators and graders. 

Your masonry materials can be one of the most expensive investments in your business. That is why protecting them can help you save your funds from the costs of repairs and replacements.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance gives additional coverage in the event where your policy reaches its coverage limits. There are times where your losses will go beyond your insurance coverage. 

Car accidents, lawsuits, and faulty service claims can cost millions of dollars. Thus, you must ensure that you have enough insurance to secure your business when the worst happens. Umbrella Insurance protects your contracting business from extreme damages or accidents.

Mason Contractor Insurance Exposures

Below are the types of Mason Insurance Exposures:

Property Exposure

Property damages commonly occur in offices and storage rooms. To be a little more specific, hazards arise from electrical, air conditioning, heating, and wiring systems. Moreover, theft or vandalism done by your workers or others can also cause a problem. Therefore, there should be enough security to prevent these events from happening.

Crime Exposure

Crimes can happen from the dishonesty of an employee who handles disbursements, orders, and billing. To avoid this, conducting background checks is a must. 

Inland Marine Exposure

 Your masonry materials and equipment must be properly located to prevent theft and vandalism, especially the essential building plans. Conducting training for drivers or haulers could also help avoid turnovers and collisions.

Commercial Auto Exposure

This type of exposure can be crucial because of the transportation of bulky materials. Make sure to secure your materials, and your drivers must have a license.

Completed Operations Liability Exposure

Inadequate works can cause injuries and property damages to clients. Structure breakdowns can happen if walls or bricks are not correctly installed. Therefore, careful inspection of finished tasks must be done.

Workers’ Compensation Exposures

Workers are the ones who are most exposed to accidents. From brick layering to stone contracting, injury or death can happen. Cuts and puncture wounds are the most common risks of contractors.

Overall, insurance agencies offer different types of Mason Contractor Insurance policies, such as General Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial Auto, and tools & equipment. Having Mason Contractor Insurance is a way to keep protecting the business from financial losses. It can also save your company’s reputation as it provides legal defenses when you face lawsuits.

In reality, any type of job or business comes along with risks. At the same time, mason contractors are not exempt from dangers that exist anywhere. So when you have Mason Contractor Insurance, you are insuring your business to operate and develop continuously. Get a Mason Contractor Insurance Quote Now so you can mitigate losses for your mason contractor business. Contact Us, and we’ll help you shop for suitable policies that can fill in your needs.