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What Is Roofing General Liability Insurance

Roofing General liability insurance is mandated by the states for all roofing contractors throughout California. General Liability Insurance is a type of insurance that covers roofing contractor’s liability risks in the future. Roofing contractors also are known as a roofer or a person who repairs and replaces roofs of the buildings. In addition, roofers also install a roof of a building by using different kinds of roofing materials. Including, metal, bitumen, shingles, gravel, rubber, tiles and metals on which can harm some people at times. General liability insurance for roofers is an insurance policy that provides protection for the contractor’s general liability risks. It covers the roofer’s bodily injury liability to others. As well as, the roofer’s property damages to others could be covered. However, general liability insurance does not cover the roofing contractor’s injuries while working. Check our workers’ compensation page for more information.

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Why Do You Need Roofing General Liability Insurance?

Based on California’s respondeat superior law, an employer will be held responsible for his employee’s wrongful acts or negligence. It is said that once an employee commits a mistake and caused an injury to others. The employer will be responsible to pay for the medical payments for the injury treatment of the third party person. If the roofing contractor does not have general liability insurance. The employer will pay the whole responsibility to others without any help from an insurance company. In addition, if an injured third party person, decides to sue the contractors because of his bodily injury. The employer will pay the whole legal fees and court fees to defend his business from the injured person. 

How Much Is The Average Cost Of General Liability Insurance For Roofer

Liability insurance varies from different insurance companies throughout California. However, there are factors that could determine how much insurance policy the roofers would need to better protect its business. Factors including, the gross payroll of the employers and employees, and the monthly gross sales of the business. As well as, the nature of the business, prior claims, and the contractors’ years in the business. There are a lot more factors that can affect the roofer’s insurance premium rate. However the most typical cost of general liability insurance for roofers in California range from $300 up to $10,000 annually. Take note, premium rates differentiate from a lot of factors that are on the list above.

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What Are The Coverage Of General Liability Insurance For Roofers?

Bodily Injury

General Liability

 insurance would cover the roofers’ bodily injury done to a third party person. For further illustration, suppose that the roofers are installing a metal roof to a client’s building. In addition, one of the screws from the metal roof falls off, which causes an injury to the client. The GL insurance would cover the third party person cost of injury treatment. 

Defamation, Slander, And Libel

This coverage covers the insured roofers and its employees if the aggravated third party person files a lawsuit against the insured. Due to the insured’s false and misleading statements that harm the reputation of the third party person. In any circumstances that harm another person’s reputation. Including verbally and written false statements are considered defamation.

Property Damage

This coverage of General Liability insurance for roofers covers the damages that are unintentionally done to the property of the client. To give an example, if the roofers used a ladder to install the roof of the client. However, the ladder falls off and causes damage to the wall of the house of the client. The GL insurance would cover the cost of repair for the damages to the property of the client.

Court And Legal Fees

This coverage of General Liability insurance would cover the roofers’ legal fees and court fees if a third party person files a lawsuit against the insured. However, coverage would only be applicable under some circumstances. Such as lawsuits that are due to bodily injury and property damages done to the client. Whereas, unintentionally and caused by installing or repairing the roof of the client.

Medical Payments

This coverage pays for the medical expenses of the injured. Only if the injured third party person asks the insured to pay for their medical expenses. Instead of suing the insured roofing contractor for the unintentionally done injuries.

Advertising Harm

If someone sues the insured roofers against improper use of their song for the insured’s company advertisement.

How Does General Liability Insurance Claim-Payment Works?

Claim payment for General Liability Insurance for roofers is subject to per occurrence and aggregate limits. 

Per occurrence is the limit the insurance company must pay for the cost of covered damages. For further illustration, the policy of the insured states that his per occurrence limit is $1,000,000.00. So if the business of the insured found legally responsible for one accident and causes property damage and costs $500,000. The insurance company will pay up to the limit of the cost of the covered damages with no deductibles. However, if the cost of covered damages ($1,200,000), exceeds the per occurrence limit which is $1,000,000. The insured will be the one to pay for the difference in out of his pocket.

The aggregate limit is the limit by which the insurance company is obligated to pay in one policy term. However, the aggregate limit is also subject to the per occurrence limit. So if the insured already reaches its aggregate limit. The insurance company will no longer pay for damages, even if it occurs during the policy period. 


For further illustration, suppose that the insured’s roofers General Liability policy’s aggregate limit is $2,000,000. Furthermore, the roofer damages a client’s property that costs $1,000,000 in the month of February. In September, a client files a lawsuit against the roofer for defamation. Which costs the roofer another $1,000,000 for the costs of legal fees. The insurance company will no longer pay for any cost of damages. Any damages that could occur in the succeeding months during the policy period because the policy has been exhausted. In other words, the insured already reaches its aggregate limits.

How Does General Liability Insurance Claim-Payment Works?

  • Foundation works (such as installing of the slab)
  • Exterior works
  • Open flame works (such as welding, cutting, soldering, torch down roofing and grinding)
  • Installing roofs to a residential building that are more than three stories
  • Damages to the materials the carpenters installed to a clients house
  • Buildings that are used for residences at the same time for business purpose
  • Construction works including buildings of new apartment and condominiums
  • New Homes prior to receiving a certificate of ownership or occupancy

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