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Painting Contractors are professionals responsible for indoor and outdoor painting jobs, including walls, cabinets, ceiling, and other surfaces. Aside from that, the skill set for professional painter includes removing old wall coverings or disposing of lead-based paints. Because of your unique skill set, you are regularly prone to potential liability. Besides, residential painting contractors often work as independent contractors which do not excuse you to face various risks like any other business. Moreover, you can be sued due to property damages, slip-and-fall accidents. Regardless, if your project is residential or for commercial property, you, as a professional painter, must carry Painter Insurance. This will help you protect yourself from the risk associated with your industry to keep your business growing. Generally speaking, for small to mid-sized painting businesses, standard forms of coverage are bundled into a business owner’s policy (BOP). This policy covers combined property and liability risks for small business owners into one convenient package.


Additionally, it helps you save more money with lower premiums compared to buying separate policies. However, you may need additional standalone policies to protect everything you have against several unique risks fully.  At Contractors General Liability Insurance, we understand these risks and customize painter insurance to fit the specific needs of your small business. Call us today at +1 844 234-5600.

Choose Contractor General Liability Insurance Today for Carpenters

General Liability Insurance for Carpenters includes even the type of accidents you could not have anticipated, such as if someone is injured on a site you are working on, or you accidentally damage a customer’s property while working in their home. Therefore, having carpenter general liability insurance, you can spend less time worrying about accidents that could happen, and more time working on your projects to be sure they succeed.  Carpenters who work on a wide variety of projects in many different regions trust Contractor General Liability Insurance to help them be on top of bigger opportunities. Our reliable liability insurance for contractors allows our partners to choose from flexible insurance policies. Despite the risks you face every day, you can rely on the best insurance experts. We work with only the best insurance carriers to make sure we provide you with only the best coverage that your carpentry business needs.

Pay Monthly, No Extra Cost

We know your customers pay as you work for them; they don’t all pay at once. So it doesn’t make sense to pay for your insurance all at once, either. That’s why we enable you to pay for your hvac repair insurance monthly or annually – you choose. And the price is the same, regardless of what you choose.

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