Insurance for HVAC Technicians

Prove You're a Pro

If your next customer wants to know if you carry hvac repair insurance, you can confidently and easily send them your Live Certificate of insurance. It’s instant, free, and can be done from your cell phone. Proving you’re insured shows your customers you take your work seriously, and are a true professional.

Profession - HVAC Work

Focus on Your Business

Forget wasting time on your welding insurance. You can probably buy a policy from us in under 10 minutes. With all the time you’ll save, you can invest in learning how to fix or install new appliances, or even take a break.

Pay Monthly, No Extra Cost

We know your customers pay as you work for them; they don’t all pay at once. So it doesn’t make sense to pay for your insurance all at once, either. That’s why we enable you to pay for your hvac repair insurance monthly or annually – you choose. And the price is the same, regardless of what you choose.