Excavation Liability Insurance - Coverage and Cost 2020

General Liability Insurance for Excavation and Grading Contractor

Excavation Liability Insurance provides coverage and protection for the most common excavation and grading risk. If you have an excavation business, you must ensure to have adequate insurance policy to protect you and your employees. Moreover, your job as an excavation contractor can be physically demanding and dangerous. 


The risks you face as you work with heavy equipment  cause you substantial financial loss if an accident occurs. In addition, excavation works such as trenching, and hitting underground utilities could definitely put you at risk. The good news is that there is specifically designed general liability insurance for excavation contractors.

Excavation Liability Insurance

Get The Right Coverage

Every wide range job comes with a significant risk so it is definitely a wise business decision to buy coverage for your excavation work.  Here is a list of some of the most common coverage for excavation contractors.

  • Property Damage Coverage

Covers for repairs or legal fees when an excavator causes damages to the clients’ or neighbors’ property. For example, an excavator hit a water pipe underground or neighboring fence by accident. Repairs or replacements are covered as well as lawsuit if the clients or neighbors decide to file a case against you.


  • Medical Payments Coverage

Provides funds for the medical fees of injuries caused by excavation or grading. Also,  helps pay for lawsuit expenses if the person injured files a case against you. For example, an excavator accidentally injures a bystander passing by the construction site. If the bystander decides to sue you, you could end up paying not only for medical fees but also legal fees.


  • Products and Completed Operations Coverage 

Protects your business when your finished work causes damages because of inadequate handiwork.

Excavation Liability Insurance Costs of Coverage

Excavation Liability insurance cost varies depending the location of the business, likewise the size, payroll, sales, and years of experience. Small business owners pay annual premiums between $400 and $600. 


Overall, buying your Excavation Liability Insurance is a smart decision to help protect your business.  To have an insurance company as your partner in your business would help you save money from a huge expense. 

If you’re ready, you can speak to an insurance agent if you want to know how much coverage you need. Contact one of our insurance experts to get the best quote for you. For immediate assistance, call 0123-456-789.

Excavation Liability Insurance