Insurance for Cleaner

Risks For Cleaning Services

When purchasing a General Liability Insurance for Cleaners, it is important to know the type of risks you face daily. In addition, some of the risks include accusations of theft or incomplete work, customers slipping on wet floors, and damaged equipment are just some of the many risks. Therefore, If you are a cleaning professional who cleans houses, offices, cleans carpets, does laundry, operates equipment owned by your clients, among other specialized cleaning companies, then you need to be protected from any unexpected damages that can happen in an instant. With Contractor General Liability Insurance, you can keep your business running smoothly even when client property or equipment is damaged.

What is Covered by Cleaning Business Insurance?

The most common insurance that business owners are buying is general liability insurance. This covers the basic risks such as third- party injuries and damage to property. Liability insurance for cleaners on the other hand covers cleaning companies who are exposed to different accidents while performing the job. For example, if a person who delivers goods, vendor, or client slips and falls at your office, or trips over your cleaning equipment, you could be found liable for the injury. This can cause you way too much than you expected. Similarly, lawsuits can be anytime when someone complains and doesn’t want what you did in their office. But, worry no more because we got you covered. General Liability Insurance for Cleaners helps you cover for bodily injury claims when an employee accidentally got injured while performing the tasks given by your customer. In addition, we can help you protect your business from property damage claims when your cleaner accidentally pours water to expensive computer equipment that causes extensive damages. In all the above examples, your business is likely to be liable and you could find yourself facing a costly claim. Given these points of risks, you can now work with peace of mind and focus on providing outstanding quality while we take care of the rest of your business insurance.

Other Important Insurance Policies to Consider

In addition to your general liability insurance policy, you should also consider carrying a business owner’s insurance policy (BOP). At Contractors General Liability Insurance, we offer a full BOP policy.  BOP  is an excellent choice because it can be custom-made to fit industry-specific businesses which means it’s good for businesses of any size especially small businesses.  Additionally, we also offer workers’ compensation insurance policies which help pay for injured employees’ medical bills and reimburses them for lost wages. Furthermore, our program also includes commercial auto insurance policies for damages when your business owns company vehicles. However, as you consider your insurance options, a general liability insurance policy is always a great place to start. Thus, you can always add more protection so you can find the best choice for your insurance needs as a cleaner. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you with General Liability Insurance for Cleaners.