General Liability Insurance Coverage in California

What Does General Liability Cover?

General Liability Insurance California protects your business from claims that can come up from normal business operations. Did you know that the topmost costly claims for companies are influencing damage and vehicular accidents? According to an analysis, the reputational harm can cost up to $50,000 and vehicular accidents $45,000. 


Without insurance, your business would have to pay these costs out of the pocket. Your visitors, customers, or any other person can cause legal liability for your business and your employees. It is where General Liability Insurance comes in. General Liability Insurance is also known as Business Liability Insurance. 


It can cover any type of business from various claims such as harm, slander, property damage, and advertising injury. Getting insurance is just as essential to safeguard your business from any financial loss arising from unfortunate events.

General Liability Insurance

What Does It Covers?

Whether big or small, it provides coverage that fits your business needs as a business owner. These are the following claims that cover:

  • Reputational Harm

It means when an issue in your company mentions something about another company, it affects their business.  Moreover, reputational harm helps you save or fight back for your company’s reputation.

  • Bodily Injuries and Property Damage

For small businesses, property damage claims usually range up to $30,000. Therefore, most small business owners consider purchasing small business insurance as necessary. The insurance pays for the medical fees of bodily injuries or property damages due to accidents within your premises.

  • Advertising Injury

This claim arose when your business committed intentional or unintended acts such as infringement of trademark or defaming another company.

  • Defense Costs

If your company faces disputes or lawsuits, the insurance will provide legal assistance for you.

What Does not Cover by General Liability Insurance California?

Although General Insurance Liability California  does not cover everything, options are made available for you.  Here are several exclusions you need to know about:

  • Employee Injuries or Illnesses

To protect your employees who have injuries or are sick on the job, you can buy Worker’s Compensation Insurance. This insurance provides assistance to help your employees recover from injury or illnesses resulting from their work.

  • Automobile Crashes

General Liability Insurance does not cover accidents you or your employees cause while driving for work. Moreover, commercial auto insurance gives a good deal to cover the cost of damages for this type of claim.

  • Business Properties

You’ll need to get a Commercial Property Insurance to cover your building or business equipment. Moreover, general liability only pays for the damaged properties of others.

  • Professional Errors

It helps you protect your business against lawsuits if a customer complains about errors about the service’s errors.

  • Illegal Acts or Wrongdoings

General Liability Insurance does not cover the damages or injuries you are at fault.

  • Employee Discrimination Lawsuits

Employment Practices Liability covers employment disputes such as harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance Cost

The rate of General Liability Insurance California depends upon the specific risks your business encounters. Insurance companies consider the business’s size, location, and the number of employees as you buy your insurance. 


In most cases, high-risk companies pay higher premiums than low-risk companies. For example, shopping malls are more exposed to risk than online sellers working from their homes. Moreover, consider choosing an insurance agency that could be a supportive partner as you grow your business.

Overall, it is essential to get insurance for business. Legal defense fees, settlements, judgments, and court costs can be costly. Moreover, it can be a vital part of your business, stepping in to save your company from immense financial loss. Get a General Liability Insurance Quote today so you can protect your cash flows as soon as possible.